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This Restaurant's Survival Strategy: Feeding ER Staffs

This is a great win win! The idea is that people could pay for meals (keeping restaurant workers employed) and donate them to health care workers on the frontline of Covid-19 (keeping them fed)?

That would be, as The San Francisco Chronicle called a similar effort in San Francisco, a win-win.

Within days, FeedER, as the organization Waldman, Chabon, and others created came to be known, was up and running. As of last week, FeedER raised $233,000, delivering 260 meals a day from Brown Sugar Kitchen and other struggling restaurants, including Kiraku and Hopscotch, to five different hospitals. The group even managed to secure tax deductible status through another charity called World Central Kitchen. 

Marqeta, the payment platform company with a massive flagship office in Oakland, has also contributed funds to set up a group called Oaklanders Supporting Oaklanders, to buy food from Brown Sugar Kitchen and give it to nonprofits helping kids, food insecure families, and the homeless.

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