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Razer's Project Hazel:high-tech N95 mask for COVID-19 times that looks neat too

CES 2021: Razer's Project Hazel is a high-tech N95 mask for COVID-19 times that looks neat too - CNET

It turns out there is some know-how that translates from gaming hardware to coronavirus protection.

Gaming lifestyle company Razer may sound like an odd fit for coronavirus-driven face mask protection, but based on its Project Hazel concept design for an N95-class face mask, it does bring some notable ideas for adding digital smarts to the table.

For instance, it's got active ventilation and autosterilization, with a separate case that can charge it wirelessly and has a UV sterilizer. It uses replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators on the pods, which is intended to make it a sustainable solution.

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