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Open Access - Covid-19 Resources for Health Equity

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The Spirit of 1848 has joined with Public Health Awakened (PHA) in collaborating on creating an open-access document with COVID-19 resources for health equity.

1) You can ADD resources AND also ACCESS resources in this document


Resource tracking document

We created a document to compile COVID-19 resources in one place. Here is how we will be using the document:

· Tabs: The first tab is for anyone to drop in resources that will then be organized by volunteers into the tabs. The other tabs are topical and we may add more tabs.

· Add resources: Please drop any COVID-19 resources you want to share into the first tab labeled “Add resources here.”

· Volunteers will scan emails coming through the listserv for resources to add

· Volunteers will organize everything put into the first tab into the topical tabs for easy access.

· We need volunteers! If you can volunteer to help scan emails and translate into the document and/or to organize resources into topics, please fill out this google form and we’ll send you more instructions!

· Topics: As of now we have tabs for the following topics but may add others

· Physical (social) distancing

· Mutual aid (what’s this?)

· Healthcare workers

· Local health departments

· Racism/xenophobia

· School closures/students

· Paid leave

· Harm reduction/substance use

· Access/disability/chronic illness

· Intimate partner violence

· Mental health

· ICE/other law enforcement

· Jails/prisons/detention centers

· Housing/unhoused people

· Election integrity

· Census

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