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New COVID-19 Research Opportunities with emocha remote monitoring

New safety concerns and social distancing restrictions make interacting with study participants more challenging, but accelerating clinical research has never been more critical. Every day our understanding of the virus and its effects is evolving—we now know it is much more than a respiratory disease, but one that can cause organ damage in the kidneys, liver, and elsewhere. Research addressing these health concerns is essential, for at-risk populations including transplant donors, individuals with compromised immune systems, and racial minorities.

NIH and other funding opportunities to study Covid-19 are released almost daily, typically with an option to expand the scope of existing grants. These supplements can increase funding to include new Covid-19-related questions within at-risk populations already enrolled in existing studies/trials.

emocha Health already works closely with academic medical centers to support clinical trials and research, and our remotely monitoring technology is uniquely suited to research opportunities. We are looking for external research partners to work with us to build evidence for rapidly deployable clinical and public health solutions.

Emocha Grant Opportunities

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