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Instagram and TikTok offer COVID-19 fundraising tools

Tons of companies and businesses have been hit hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world. People are spending more time inside and less time working, which definitely helps some things (streaming video, playing games) but is seriously hurting others that rely on people coming out and shopping or socializing.

There’s no easy solution for this, but Instagram and TikTok want to help. They’re both launching fundraising tools for brands to bolster their social media efforts.

Social media fundraisers for nonprofits

These new tools will be beneficial for nonprofits and relief efforts to hold fundraisers to keep the lights on while everything is a semi-shutdown state around the world. On Instagram, for example, you’ll be able to run the campaigns directly through Instagram live and can dole out donator perks, like stickers, for anyone that chooses to contribute.

Instagram is currently locking these to registered nonprofits, but is considering rolling out the features to more businesses over time.

TikTok is doing something similar, but those fundraisers will be available to COVID-19 relief efforts. Videos will be able to have embedded donation stickers, and all donations will run through the third-party Tiltify system, which is an established fundraising platform.

These two social media entities definitely won’t be the last to try and help others through this crisis.

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