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Housing Policies - Health Equity Supports

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

As we work to respond to COVID-19, we know this a critical time to lead with a vision of the world we want to create. We must speak clearly and effectively about the urgent policies and systems changes that we need now and that will also help build our long-term vision. As BMSG has been working closely with housing and health equity partners, we are sending out two new resources to help advocates advance housing policies in this moment and beyond:

· Model Language: COVID-19, Housing Instability, and Health from the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII). This resource provides data linking housing stability and health as it relates to the pandemic, to support local jurisdictions and community organizations advancing emergency housing measures.

Talking about housing, health, and COVID-19: Keeping equity at the forefront. BMSG developed brief recommendations and examples to help advocates communicate about housing and health in the news, to policymakers, and in their work.

As you respond to COVID-19, BMSG is still here to support your communication needs. We continue to support public health leaders who are raising their voices for change. We will be creating additional tools and resources and supporting efforts across the country to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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