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Henry Health Launches ‘Men Thrive’

Kevin Dedner launched Henry Health in 2018 to address the mental health care gap for black men. Now, his company expands its services to other disenfranchised communities during the pandemic.

Dedner’s research into the connections between race, chronic stress and health ultimately led him to the launch of Henry Health. Today, the company provides culturally sensitive self-care support and mental health services, connecting patients with Henry Health therapists in a secure and confidential online environment. In recent months, their mission has expanded. In the midst of the pandemic, Henry Health is expanding their care model, a model that takes into account the unique experiences of historically underserved populations.

They’re doing this through a digital community model, the first of which will be Men Thrive, an online mental wellness space that they’ve been carefully building for black men since 2018. In the future, other digital communities will be rolled out, offering a similar toolkit as Men Thrive’s with self-care apps, culturally-curated content, and their core offering — a team of licensed therapists that have been trained in an evidence-based culturally competent model of mental health care.

Hear the interview with Kevin:

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