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COVID-19: Response and Recovery Work

Find helpful resources that community leaders, practitioners, and policymakers can access as they navigate the path to an inclusive and equitable recovery from COVID-19.

The coronavirus epidemic has widened existing social, geographic, and economic inequities in communities across the country.

While the County Health Rankings do not measure coronavirus cases nor rank risk of the virus spreading in communities, Rankings data are helpful in providing local context on factors that impact health. Gaps in health persist by place and race. These gaps are due to a long legacy of American policies, practices, systems, and budgets that advantage some people and disadvantage others. Rankings factors such as housing, access to medical care, and unemployment provide a better understanding of community context and the places and people that could be most affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

The Rankings are a call to action about what can be done to improve community conditions so that an inclusive and equitable recovery for all is possible.

Find out more information below on the Rankings’ work related to response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, including a county-level data mapping project in collaboration with the University of Chicago, a special webinar series, featured COVID-19-curated What Works for Health strategies, and community stories.

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