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Covid 19 Health Equity Dashboard

The dashboard can be accessed at

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every American, the direct health impacts of the virus have varied dramatically from community to community. To track and respond to this differential health impact, we have developed the COVID-19 Health Equity Dashboard. This is a dynamic and interactive web-based dashboard to visualize the interplay between social determinants and COVID-19 epidemiologic metrics at the county level. We developed this dashboard to be a public-facing tool that curates, disseminates and ultimately synthesizes actionable information to guide localized response to the epidemic over time.

Current functionality allows users to quickly compare each county’s COVID-19 cases, deaths, and social characteristics to the state and national average; visualize the relationship between social determinants and COVID-19 outcomes; view a printer-friendly report of detailed county data; and create side-by-side maps comparing key metrics at the county level. We also provide guidance on interpretation of displayed measures.

The Dashboard is a work in progress. At this stage, we are showing data that are reliably available at the county level across the nation. We plan to add more metrics on health outcomes, policy response, and summary equity measures as those data become available or estimable at the county level. We are also exploring future enhancements with sub-county data. Please contact us at with any feedback. We will also send out periodic updates on developments.

Please feel free to disseminate through your networks, listservs, and social media platforms.

Thank you

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