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COVID-19 at the Intersection of Gender and Disability: Findings of a Global Human Rights Survey

This report is based on the results of a global survey conducted in March and April 2020, targeted at the personal experiences of women, girls, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming persons with disabilities. This survey, which was intended to be primarily qualitative, asked respondents to provide narrative information about the following topics: access to health services, including sexual and reproductive health services; rationing of healthcare; personal safety and violence; access to support services to meet daily living needs; and access to education, employment, and other income.

The survey was conducted virtually via a Word document and Google Form in English, Spanish, and English plain language. It was made public and distributed via social media channels, listservs, and through other organizations working on women’s rights and/or disability rights. The survey received 100 responses from women, non-binary, and trans persons with disabilities. This included 32 responses in Spanish, 2 responses in Portuguese, and 66 responses in English.

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