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Care Packages for Protestors

For questions contact:

“Nambi Ndugga and Keona Wynne, both Black women, and alumni and students of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (and both cc’d on this email) have created an initiative to practice our public health principles and keep protestors safe during the pandemic. We are creating care packages with PPE and other supplies to hand out to protestors. This is a pivotal time in our history. Institutions can no longer look away at how racism impacts the health and welfare of our communities. This is a public health issue.

We ask for your support, either by sharing this post, making and sending packages, or visiting our Instagram page to find out how you can contribute to our efforts (see: @keonajeane

We have learned so much from these institutions and we are now putting our knowledge into action. We hope that these packages begin to elucidate the numerous ways that we, public health practitioners, can protect Black Health in this moment. These include, hydration, nourishment, protection from viral/chemical agents, solidarity, support, and comfort.”

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