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Apple launches a COVID-19 information tool for the US

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Apple has launched a new screening tool for the US in partnership with CDC (The Centers for Disease ease Control and Prevention). The tool, available both as a website and an iOS app, acts as an information center for people across the country.

The tool also allows you to answer a bunch of questions to determine if you need to quarantine, take a screening test, or contact a medical professional.

Earlier this week, the company rolled out Siri support for coronavirus related questions. Now, users in the US can ask the assistant “How do I know if I have coronavirus?” to get guidelines provided by CDC, and curated app suggestions on the App store; not sure how an app list can help some looking for a medical assistant at that time. 

Last week, Google also rolled out a dedicated website for US citizens to get accurate information on coronavirus pandemic. Notably, both Google and Apple’s websites don’t guide you through the testing process.

You can visit Apple’s COVID-19 website to learn more.

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